Hi there!

If you’ve somehow landed here, you must be trawling the financial independence corner of the interwebs.

As of today, the financial independence (FI) movement is gaining mainstream momentum, especially given the endless content in multiple formats e.g. blogs, forums, podcasts, vlogs etc. And here is little old me trying to add my 2 cents. Pun intended!

Why? Fair question. My why, and reasons for starting this blog:

    1. Hold myself accountable
    2. Challenge my strategies and decisions through research and community feedback
    3. Crowd source new ideas, hacks and tools
    4. Share tips and learnings
    5. Develop new skills like webpage-building and blog writing

But what is my motivation to achieve financial independence? Is it to retire early? No…well not in the traditional sense. To me, being financially independent means, you are financially secure to live life on your own terms. It gives you the choice to enjoy what you value most, when you want. But it’s a journey to get there!

Right now, I’m not dying to quit my 9-5 job…yet. I still enjoy what I do, I’m challenged and continuously developing new skills. But I crave something else, a different challenge — giving birth to this blog. I honestly don’t know how much I will get out of it or where it may take me, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know. So, I’m taking action!

So, why the sudden interest to explore the world of finance? Generally speaking, I have always been financially responsible (see post My Life (to date) in 8 Financial Lessons) and had an interest for investing but never acted on it. Growing up, investing conversations were rare at our family dinner table. As a creature of habit, I stuck to what I knew, or in this case out of what I didn’t know, until I read the Barefoot Investor’s book (yes, like most of Australia!). Coupled with some more ‘free’ time (due to a job change), this reignited my interest to start my self-education journey. It wasn’t long before I was deep down the rabbit hole of the endless FI content.

Now I’m sure that you will figure out pretty quickly that the topics and concepts I touch on have likely been shared before. And that’s actually reassuring! I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here, but instead navigate my own journey as I learn different wealth building strategies, how they would apply to my personal circumstances and to challenge my existing positions.

I prefer to frame it ‘earn more, burn less, invest the rest!’

The fundamental FI principle is to ‘spend less than you earn and invest the difference’, but I prefer to frame it ‘earn more, burn less, invest the rest!’ Simple, right! Nothing ground breaking here. The real cost of spending an extra dollar really cemented this concept for me, I’d suggest checking it out.

I intend to use this blog as a tool to continually improve my financial fitness as I explore topics on net worth tracking, reducing expenses, investing, personal insurance, side-hustling, legally minimising tax and trialling useful resources.

I’m interested in the perspective of others, to challenge my own and to improve my knowledge and strategies. So, feel free to leave a comment.





Life is the sum of all your choices

— Albert Camus














Disclaimer: The content on this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as professional financial advice. It is recommended to do your own research and/or seek professional advice before making any financial decision.