November turned out to be one expensive month. As the saying goes — when it rains, it pours — and some of my larger expenses for the year poured in. My burn rate saw a significant spike, forking out for car registration, a utility bill, establishing personal insurance (TPD, life and income protection) outside of superannuation, accountant consultation and installing a carport door on my (now) investment property.

One consolation is that the share market continued to push new highs, with all investments making positive gains. Let’s see how they stacked up…

Net Worth  

Due to my elevated expenses, contribution to my mortgage offset was negligible, hence the blue column flattening out. But that has not affected my strategy to religiously dollar cost average into my investment bond each month, climbing with the market indices.

Asset Contribution Monthly Return*
Mortgage Loan Offset Balance + 0.26% (un-grossed)
Superannuation $1,938 + 3.23%
Investment bond $2,500 + 1.84%
Individual shares Nil + 1.19%

*Net of contributions


Burn rate

The blue line kicking up in November stings a bit. That said, the major expenses were either essential or important. I anticipate December and the Christmas period will be similar by trending above target, consequently edging up the annual rolling average. Something I’ll need to work on early next year.

Gamify Expenses

Very similar approach to last month — I use e-gift cards wherever and whenever possible. Every dollar adds up, 5% here and 8% there, which means more money to put to work in investments. I’m fortunate that my work offers an app-based rewards portal that gives me access to discounted e-gift cards and/or earning cashback. The app is quick, easy and convenient, which incentivises me to always take advantage of offers. I know other rewards portals exist if you are a customer with Suncorp, RACQ/V or AGL, just to name a few.

Item Merchant Discount
Groceries Woolworths 5% off e-gift cards
Furniture 8% off e-gift cards
Rideshare Ola 20% off
Fuel Puma Petrol Stations 4¢/L off (RACQ member)
Fuel All Petrol Stations MotorMouth app


Bring on the festive season!  – Joey.

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